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15 September 2006
Two (out of 20) full papers presented at the MOBILE HCI 2006 International Conference are from our Lab.
The conference selection process was very strict leading to the acceptance of only 24% of the submitted full papers. One of our two papers is about mobile fitness applications, the other is about visualizing off-screen objects on mobile.
13 June 2006
Head of our lab on italian national TV.
Luca Chittaro was invited by national channel RAI 2 to present our mobile guides project on a major live show ("Piazza Grande"), where he was interviewed by popular TV host Giancarlo Magalli.
05 June 2006
Watch the "Visualization in a Mobile World" broadcast on IEE TV.
The keynote speech given by Luca Chittaro at IEE ICCSA 2006 in Glasgow can now be freely watched on the IET TV on-line television service.
06 May 2006
Virtual earthquake!
We have applied advanced Virtual Reality and simulation techniques to reproduce the effects of the 1976 earthquake that hit the Friuli region in Italy. The project also produced a movie that you can watch on the Web.
02 May 2006
HCI Lab releases new 3D software for free download.
H-Animator is a visual tool for easily modeling animations of virtual humans based on the X3D and H-Anim standards. MobiX3D Player is a software for displaying interactive X3D content on PDAs.
11 March 2006
Visualizing information on mobile devices.
Luca Chittaro writes the first introductory paper about this new exciting topic and is chosen for the Cover Feature of the March issue of IEEE Computer, the flagship magazine of the IEEE Computer Society.
02 March 2006
HCI Lab launches the new version of its mobile guide at BIT 2006.
BIT (International Tourism Exchange) is the world's largest exhibition of Italian products and services for the travel industry, and attracts over 150'000 visitors from about 100 countries every year. The new version of our mobile tourist guide is now available for mobile phones as well as PDAs.
02 December 2005
Head of our lab interviewed by BusinessWeek.
BusinessWeek is the world's largest business magazine. Luca Chittaro was among the experts interviewed for an article about the user's experience in e-commerce.
19 October 2005
HCI Lab at SMAU 2005.
We showcased some of our projects at the 42nd International Exhibition of ICT & Consumer Electronics, that this year attracted 170000 visitors. Our free immersive simulator of the Frecce Tricolori jet and our mobile guide received significant attention and were featured on TV and newspapers reports about the Exhibition.
05 September 2005
A successful presence of our Lab at INTERACT 2005, with 3 full papers accepted.
The conference is one of the most important and selective HCI events in the world: this year, only 70 full papers have been accepted out of 264 submitted. We will be presenting our latest work on mobile input, mobile guides, and visualization of navigation.