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05 August 2013
Our lab completes a thorough study about using 3D serious games in a real medical emergency course.
The game concerns Advanced Life Support (ALS) and is used to train nurses and doctors. The study has been published by one of the top international journals in Medical Informatics. You can download a copy of the paper at this link.
12 June 2013
Navigation of 3D virtual environments by autistic children.
Working with a multidisciplinary team, our lab explored how autistic and non-autistic children navigate 3D virtual environments. The results of the study have just appeared in the international journal Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders and you can download the paper at this link.
08 May 2013
Our lab receives Best Paper Award from Pervasive Health.
Our lab received today the Best Paper Award from Pervasive Health 2013, the 7th International Conference on Pervasive Computing Technologies for Healthcare. The awarded paper proposes and evaluates a novel mobile exergame based on Digital Audio Storytelling.
07 May 2013
Our lab releases the first open-source viewpoint computation library.
The C++ library computes the best viewpoint in a 3D scene to satisfy a set of visual properties, such as size, visibility or angle of selected objects in the scene. It makes no assumptions on the scene and objects, and returns a result in pre-defined time for usage in interactive applications.
01 March 2013
Physiological evaluation of mobile video games.
A recent psychophysiological study conducted in our lab has focused on mobile Whac-a-Mole games, investigating user experience as well as desensitization to violence aspects. A journal paper about the study has just appeared and you can download it at this link.
04 February 2013
Improving mobile apps with Overview+Detail interfaces.
The lack of screen space on mobile devices requires app designers to adopt more sophisticated user interfaces to manage large information spaces. In a new paper that has just been published by the Personal and Ubiquitous Computing journal, we provide a thorough introduction to Overview+Detail interfaces, and illustrate an experiment that advances knowledge about their design space.
24 September 2012
Our lab presents two papers at the MOBILE HCI 2012 International Conference.
The first presentation was a full conference paper about the visualization of large numbers of off-screen objects on mobile devices, while the second was a workshop paper about a study with disabled students to assess their needs with respect to navigation and information services in university buildings.
07 June 2012
Head of our lab receives Best Paper Award.
Luca Chittaro received today the Best Paper Award at the 7th International Conference on Persuasive Technology in Sweden. The awarded paper illustrates how to educate airline passengers about aviation safety using video games.
31 May 2012
HCI Lab presents iPhone mobile exergame that encourages walking.
We have turned the classic Snake game into a mobile exergame in which the player controls the snake by walking in outdoors playing fields. Today we have released a video and a technical paper about the game.
18 May 2012
HCI Lab invited to present at national conference on Non-Conventional Emergencies.
More than 200 members of first response forces (emergency medical responders, firefighters, civil defense, police, military,...) attended the meeting, and our presentation illustrated the virtual reality systems and serious games we are developing for training.